Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tatiana, you're╰(▔∀▔)╯ a BIG girl now!

My (♡゚▽゚♡) ORIGINAL 6, all together now! Feeding time with special treats for the porch furkids.

Kohi and a big slice of sardine!

Purin, the gentle eater ヾ(´▽`)

If I don't cut out the food in smaller portion, the kids will not eat it off the bowl (¬_¬;)hmmm

Kohi, the one with the fatty genes since young.

Ocha, the tiniest from the lot!

Kohi: Is my bum-bum nice?

ヽ( ⌒ω⌒)人(=^‥^= )ノ Tango

Mama Ponchi and baby Purin

I miss my Ponchi ( ╥ω╥ ) so, so much! I am so, so sorry for not making it time to give you a safe home .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・



Sunny Porch

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jojo and I

We don't even need alcohol to go a bit crazy when we meet up for tea/coffee! (─‿‿─) Meeting up on a Friday evening, shortly after our dinner.

Things went a little insane ଲ(ⓛ ω ⓛ)ଲ after Kristina and I started warming everyone up with jokes. Shortly after, she requested for photo-taking session.

I have a simple rule during friends' catch-up session - ONLY 1 SHORT PHOTO SESSION under 5mins. Everyone needs to stow their moby away after that; except for answering text or call QUICKLY.

Quick, quick check!

Let's do the 1 to 5 pose! We'll start with Kristina first;


Oops! For some reason, Kristina's 2, 3 & 4 poses are missing! I've only got the 1 and 5 m(_ _;m)


Now, for Joanne L. But she needs a little more warming up from us before we begun;

Let's start by disgusting her first!

K: I think dirty jokes work better, psst, psst, psst!

Let's begin!




4? How is that 4?!

5! OK, she got it!

Next up, me!


Trying to hide a little from the public. Don't want to scare 'em too much (・_・ヾ



Wait, I lost count!


F the 4. Here's my 5!

...and a special request pose by 'em;

Jojo helping with the prop?

Jojo's turn now. For some reason, she loves 1 a lot!

1? Can consider 3(rd)?





Hi 5!

Done! Damn, I'm hungry again!

You look yummy!

Friday Fright Night, Girls Out Loud