Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How much do you love me, Tatiana?
Tatiana: Thiiiiiis much! 
Seconds before falling off the bed!
I was telling Tatiana she's too far to the corner & will be falling off the bed, again. She gave me the cute nyaan-nyaan poses instead. So, she did falls off in the end. Gave me a good scolding as if it was my fault.

Seconds Before Drop-off

Thank goodness for member's discount at Global Pets! I was preparing to pay about MYR2xx for Advocate since I did a quick price check online. I am super glad, on such rare occasion, something is cheaper in Malaysia compared to U.S.A! I had to get at least two boxes for better price. I need 4 pipets per treatment (Kohi, Ocha, Purin and Tatiana). Buying one box + 1 pipet will cost more. Don't mind getting 2 boxes. Member has 10% on all merchandises during non-promotional item/season. Sometimes, higher discount, too!

What's better, I have an even cheaper alternative! Gotten Frontline instead. I have decided to go for deworm pill method for my furkids on a 3 months once routine. Better. As the pill has a broader coverage (type) for defense/treatment against worms than Advocate. But all will be confirmed once I consulted my furkids' vet.

Flea Treatment for Cats

Monday, December 24, 2012

Kohi has been edgy the whole night. Tatiana bullies Kohi all the time. Tonight is one of those no-no night for Kohi. Tatiana was taken by surprise and received quite a bad slap-back from Kohi; under one second!

She's smart enough for her own good. Steering clear of Kohi thereafter. Good ^¢^

Scratched Nose Made A Quiet, Good Girl

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hmmm... It's kinda big (empty) even for my big boy KB.

Me ma's morbid way of drying KB's stuffed toy after a wash.
The box will be just the right size when his favourite piggy toy is dried.

Big Box for my Big Boy

Strawberry Jams. Nice little touch that pleasantly make sense.
Centerpieceis an actual rambutan tree with additionalfruits!
Wedding Guest Gifts. Pretty.

Neighbour's Wedding Event

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I can drive to Geneva now?!

Hokay! See y'all in about 8 days, after I morphed my car to amphibian mode.

Google Now

Monday, December 17, 2012

In car

Carried this 34kg potato bag up and down my RAV4 today. Silly girl injured her front leg joint. Swollen, limping. Good thing it wasn't a fracture or bone shatter. Confirmed after X-Ray.

Mocca's Vet Visit

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why is Tatiana so blue?

Oh dear! KB is using Tatiana's litter box. Nyuk.

Why is Tatiana So Blue?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tatiana doing a ninja-sweep mode on my health report. Hee.

Wild About My Health (Report)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

A quiet & peaceful one with my loved ones this year. We miss you, Papa Bear!

Mewwy Christmas 2012

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lookkit me! I'm pretty like!

Always my angel.

Lookkit Me!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Adding a small touch of Christmas on my company's logo. The string spells MUSING ^~^ God Julekalendar, dear friends!

Toying with Mews, A Touch of Christmas

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's snowing! It's inevitable. Just like our feelings for each other. Keeping us warm & loverly.

Stay warm & safe, lovely folks in winter! Watch out for black ice >_<

Night & Day, You're the One

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tatiana: Catch me if I drop, again?

Bum-Drop, Soon

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All bent and nothing more I can do. The more I tried to correct the coil, the worse it became.

Time to hunt for another one! Fussy, fussy me!

RIP: DAGI Stylus

Time for breakfast?
Purin is one of the many cats in my household who loves Midori (my bicycle). Hee. Here is she, after her breakfast, waiting to see if I'm peddling out for my breakfast soon.

Purin: Jitensha Morning

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

♥ from Celine
Direct from USA. Sis let me choose one from the huge haul of body care products she brought home. I chose THIS! So sweetly cute & it smells super (Christmassy) sweet! Thanks, C!

Triple Moisture, perfect for dry winter!

Bath & Body Works : Pink Sugarplum

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Pinkgy CPR Purplee Bear

Monsoon season. More nap time than ever!


... and less bed time/space for me!

Sleepy Green Eyes Beauty

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flown straight from Sabah onto my table, courtesy of my sis' friend!

It tastes nice! Vermicelli used is also unusual. Colour of the soup is almost black! Pepper? Star anise? Jalapeno? Ok, the Jalapeno is a little far fetched. But, that was my first impression. To really describes how it tastes for me, think Indonesia Soto Soup + bits of stewed Jalapenos thrown in for that final stirring.

Sabah Curry Laksa

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mark your calendar down on 15 November 2012 for amazing collaboration collection!

Chosen one for my Mr. already...

... and a few pieces for myself. Hee. It's Margiela, mmmmkay.

Maison Martin Margiela + H&M

A beautiful furry tale. A very sweet choice to spend one's golden years.

Read more at Nippon.com

An Inseparable Duo

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still haven't bothered to watch the viral video.

I flipped!
Found at 100¥ Shop in Taman Austin Heights. Eeewwwww.....

Oppa Gangnam Flips

Monday, November 12, 2012

Received a last minute text from Joanne Khow when she asked to meet up near my house this noon. She brought some of her stocks over for her clients to view.

I must say, I'm SOLD! I'm the least easy person when it comes to buying shoes for myself. Design and colours are just NOT ENOUGH for me to even consider. Comfortable levels, perfect fitting of my feet (toe gaps, anti-spillover, complimenting the shape of the legs, et la.), durability/maintenance ratio all that to the price label. Melissa's shoes, you win!

I've been required to walk quite a lot these passed years. Especially on those challenging pavement! Think cobblestone path & uphill/downhill. Now, combine those two scenarios together and imagine my sorrow. I'm pretty much stuck to boring designs and expensive comfy shoes for those long walks in those countries. Even buying sports shoes is a chores. Many cuts/designs make me looks like I'm wearing my man's shoes out the house in a hurry by mistake; found a pair of Geox and Reebok's latest non-marking for gym recently.

My dressy heels are left at home country. I'm still looking for that elusive pair, fit for walking on those challenging paves. Wedge-edge without looking gaudy and/or chunky on me (like the shoes are wearing me instead) are hard to find. Well, well...

It fits, it compliments my (legs) shape and bleeding hell, I can run on these!

And who said style and (super) comfort have to be compromised on a flats?

Just the right tinge of style without a bad aftertaste of tawdriness! Colour is so Fall/Winter 2012, too!

Melissa Shoes, Malaysia

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Took Purin years before she started to warm up to me. She loves spending time just being really close to me, quietly and contended. She even allows me to give her cuddle & scritchy WITHOUT snapping!

Took her indoor for routine bath. No complains. Loves the little space I gave her by the corner. Till... every furkids, except KB, decided to posses me in the tiny space, simultaneously! Øy, the tension!

Sporadic furry fights broke up with little window between each. Let Kohi, Ocha and Tatiana out to cool it off. Works well for everyone but not Tatiana. She made loads of fuss to return in. More edgy that ever! Faint.

Decided to let Purin out instead. She was glad actually. Tatiana is quite a handful by then.


Friday, November 09, 2012

Just another lazy, post-dinner playtime for him...

Kohi Rolling with String

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It ain't matter how shaky the box was placed, if she had to go, she will and can. Here is her caught doing a balancing act in the litter box. Shy at being seen, I was scolded for looking and she felt embarrassed being seen.

Shy Gal at Loo Time

I am in the mood for some live orchestra concerts today. Since MPO is one on my list to check out for quite some time now, I went to its website to see the upcoming line-up. Despite being a Malaysian, I've never been to any of MPO's performances! Hur, hur, hur.

On this rare occasion of actually prepared to go, I found this event. Sold out! Gutted. Back to checking out other line-ups in locations I'll be visiting then, elsewhere. Sigh.

Toyota Classics 2012

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Long day+night+day. Welcome sight...

DND. Noted ~nyaan!

Sssshhhh... DND Sticker is Handy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She's our (Kenneth and I) mini version! She absolutely loves watching telly & cuddling it. Have to leave it on running some anime/series whenever I am away for a while or busy with chores.

When it is off or the show is over, she will doze off, cuddling it at most time. Am proud, somewhat. MOL.

Telly Cat Girl

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wanted to get the Hello Kitty Facial Scrub Wash from Watsons but I've recently gotten another cleanser from Japan. So...

Gifts from Jojo!
When Jojo heard about my missed-buy from Watsons, she gave me hers! She gotten it from local Sasa and it was too drying for her liking. So, she gave me hers. Collagen type. Even though I was eyeing the scrub type in Singapore. All is good!

She also let me chose the deep navy nail lacquer when she was buying a 1-for-1 offer. She has her eyes on the nude nail polish only. Lucky-su!

While we were scouting through some stationery at Popular Bookstore, she gave the inky pen I've been meaning to get! So sweet!

Introduced the girls some of my favourite cheap deals...

Eye Make-up Remover for Waterproof Type
For more than halved the price of my usual favourite eye make-up remover from Lancôme, this Mandom's range works pretty well without excessive rubbing during removal! Can be found easily at many outlets now.

Nano White Renewal Exfoliator
For non-abrasive and immediate effect exfoliator, the above IS THE ONE! Your skin will feel super polished without the drying effect! Even when you washed your face with  cleanser after exfoliating, you can still feel the smoothness! This feeling is definitely unlike some others which leave a film of moisturising agent to delude you. Hee.

Cheap, effective & easily found in many outlets (Singapore & Malaysia). Even cheaper when it is on offer! Note, though, the price has definitely increased quite a bit since it first introduced to the market not too long ago. There are many places offering this range in travel set pack. Try those if you aren't readied for the full pack.

Love this exfoliator so much more than my Guerlain! I have the Issima range, abrasive type...

And... my top favourite products of all, La Prairie's caviar range for face and eyes! For eyes, I preferred the Lux Eye Lift Cream over the Eye Complex with Caviar Extract! Immediate suppleness with just a tad applied!

First experience of these products, thanks to my sweetie Kenneth!

Beauty: Some Favourite Basics & Newly Added

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leek and Smoke Potatoes with Pickled Trumpet

Smoked Duck and Celeria, Endive Salad Honey Glazed

October Creations by Kenneth Loke

After much fuss and a futile trip when it closed this week, Amelia and I finally had our cravings smashed at this outlet. This is my first trip since years back. Also, first trip ever for Amelia! It will be my last....

Skimping on works and spices. Batter changed into cheap flour coat, potatoes without spice coatings and starch watery (almost) brown sauce without mushroom umami.
It is a shame for Amelia to missed this dish at its earlier years' of glory....

A decent mix of instant packed cappuccino with a creamy twist. Sorted the heat in this weather and my caffeine-addiction well.

The saving grace from this outlet

It (Failed) Roo Cafe