Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tatiana's first hour in our new apartment in KL

We can only bring the first 2 cats up during move-in because Kohi is still recovering from liver issue. Since Purin and Kohi are closer to each other, we've decided the moving with cats to be separated into two groups.

Tatiana has been very cooperative throughout the long car drive and waiting for us to settle the move-in procedure with our landlord.

Ocha protecting a scaredy cat Tatiana

Very rare and precious sight! These two are super close throughout the journey and the new few days, adjusting into their new home.

Prior to this, when Ocha was unwell and being nursed closely back to health indoor, Tatiana was (pleasantly) surprisingly tolerant and gentle to Ocha, too!

On normal circumstance, Tatiana, the little tyrant has very low threshold for her big sisters and brothers being so close to her/me.

Look at their faces! Especially Tatiana's

Moving to KL with Cats Ocha & Tatiana

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Day 2 Culinary & Fashion Event in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

This noon, I've decided to take a stroll to where +Kenneth Loke is stationed. Giving him a surprise while I fill up my tum.

Someone's busy (^_^) Watching my husband showing the team on his first service. It looks mighty interesting to see him like this.

His super assistants!
There are other diners here before me. I'm starting to feel hungry already! Let's check out the menu for lunch...

I didn't have the prawn dish today. Kinda heavy for me now. The weather is sunny and warm. I am looking forward to something a little more refreshing and easy on my tum.

Cellophane Noodle with Seafood Salad

Grouper with Soyu Brown Butter
The brown butter for my grouper dish was surprisingly light! Is it me or is my husband is going easy with the sauce-power since his return to the tropical climate?

It wasn't too long ago when I will go gaga by the sauce-power level in Sweden. Weather plays a very important key on your dish taste level. Just like how I will not touch any cheese beyond mozzarella in tropical countries. But I will even go for goat cheese in the winter!

Lunch at Center Point by Kenneth Loke

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The event poster is up for +Kenneth Loke! I've spotted it at the wee hours before this morning. It was too late and dark to go down for a pic. Morning, then!

My body clock is working too well since my first morning here! I'd started waking up at 04:30HRS and kept peeping at the window, hoping the sun has risen.

This morning is no exception. Did the same. Only one slight difference was my hunger! Imagine my horror when I'd learnt the breakfast will not be readied before 07:00HRS! This IS the first time for me. Usually, the latest is 06:00HRS at hotels I've stayed. Some, at Executive Floors, the breakfast can already be served at 05:30HRS! Kudos to Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, when I just walked into the Executive Lounge for my breakfast at 5-ish morning, they swiftly attempted to serve me all the food while they are still doing set-up!

Since I am up, thinking I can have my breakfast at 06:00HRS, I've decided to take a stroll at the shoreline while my husband is still resting.

Look who is up for a morning beach run, too!

They (dogs) can be so adorable!

A classic sail

While I was at the beach alone, I was attacked by two very cheeky, young dogs! One was trying to pounced on my knees while I walk! The other was chewing and tugging the back of my sundress' hem! I was being patient with them. Realising the one who was chewing my dress starting to growl and attempting to bite the back of my thigh, I stopped and gave both a them a shout to stop! Posing like a puffed up, giant cat/bear to show them my animalistic instinct and lowering the tone in my voice to almost a growl. That works. They backed off while I continued my walk.

Time to head back to our bedroom. Forced my husband to get off the bed and prepared for breakfast!

After breakfast, he wants to take a stroll at the shoreline with me before his works start. So,

Kenneth said that man is making toddy!

The crows here are aplenty! The resort hired a few beach dogs to chase 'em crows away. One of our friend here told us so. She saw a small group of crows swoop toward dishes of food by the pool! Fast, furious and hungry!

Funny dogs! I haven't a clue what are they searching for in that folded brolley! Check out the video below.
Kenneth will be churning out his creations from here tomorrow lunch.

Couple Selfies before we headed back to our room.
Time to slip on his chef jacket and heads for the kitchen. I will be back in my room, catching up his paperworks and organising works. Tonnes of last minute demands from other parties this morning! Ain't going to bitch about work here so...

Morning Stroll After Breakfast

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Now is the time to really utilise my newly bought selfie-monopod!

Well, the perk of living close-by Singapore is the nice selection of flights exiting its airport. Of course, Singapore's Changi Airport is also my favourite airport to use! Everything is in order, clean and well-thought out for passengers.

Pretty efficient even for a group of 4 shot

+Kenneth Loke has chosen a good day of the week to fly out from this airport. Sunday morning is pretty good to drive in from Johor Bahru to Singapore, avoiding the usual traffic congestion between these two countries.

Mama +Doreen Kwa insisted of giving us a ride in! Although we had already planned to pay for a private chauffeur service. It is quite a common service to be found here. Land travelling between Singapore and Malaysia. Especially between Johor Bahru and Singapore. All you need to do is just Google for the latest information.

Without my selfie-monopod, awaiting to board

We had a quick breakfast at the food court in Terminal 3 before boarding.

Taken with my Sony RX100

Taken with my Xiaomi Mi3's front camera. It has automatic Skin Softening mode. Err...too much!

Complimentary upgrade to Business Class! This is the first time we took this airline. Everything about this trip is arranged and paid for by Jetwing Blue (Sri Lanka) for my husband's service as a Guest Chef in their hotel (upcoming Colombo Fashion Week 2014 event).

Time to fly!

I must say, from the moment we checked in at the airport (SriLankan Airlines counter) to the moment we checked into our hotel, EVERYTHING was pleasantly great! Not a single boo-boo. In fact, quite a number of great pleasant surprises!


  1. While queueing for our check-in at the airport, though not crowded, all the Economy Class lanes are taken up. Upon seeing this situation, the lady behind the Business Class counter offered to check us in! So sweet! She was all smile in the wee morning, too!
  2. Our flights were already checked in by the staff in charge at Jetwing Blue. In the itinerary, we were already given our seat numbers. Upon boarding, our seats were changed. When we boarded, we realised we were given a free upgrade to Business Class!
  3. It has been a while since I last took a fleet that actually doesn't skimped on its fuel! From the moment we were seated before taking off till we landed, the air is super well-ventilated! In fact, my husband was freezing! We really didn't expect it because we were quite used to fleet saving fuel by cutting off the ventilation to its lowest.
  4. You need a visiting Visa to enter Sri Lanka these days. My husband has made a mistake with my passport number on it during application. Missed by one number. But the efficient Head of Immigration just crunched in less than 10 keystrokes on his PC system, I'm cleared! Super!
  5. You need to change Sri Lanka's rupees in the country itself. As informed by the counter in Singapore's airport. When we exited the airport, there were plenty of legal and legit money changers! Convenient to the max!
  6. If you're like me, when travelling, we always get the local prepaid SIM cards of the country we're in. This is because my husband and I are often travel together on a long period in another country. We are often separated at the said country so keeping in touch through phone is very important for us. Well, all the telcos of this country has a booth when you exit the airport! Mostly free to take SIM cards and best, free mobile data from Dialog!
  7. Jetwing Blue has also arranged a driver to picked us from the airport! Friendly and helpful driver who was already acting like a tour guide to us on our drive to the hotel!
  8. When we arrived, the Resident Manager, Mr Ravi immediately recognised my husband! Gave us a super warm welcome and introduced us to whichever staff we came across! I later found out, they have printed my husband's name and photo at the staff area prior to this already! Efficient and super service at its best example!
  9. We were swiftly checked into our bedroom. Big, clean and beautiful sea-facing view! This hotel is huge! Despite that, this is the record breaking for me when calling for any room service, they arrived the fastest! I later discovered, this hotel's main phones are all wired up on cordless for the staff, too! When I received a call asking if I wanted drinking water (bottles) - because we had asked for extra once - I replied yes, went to the door and watched the staff who has called me holding the phone as he ran towards me with the bottles!

All right, need to get some sun for now before another update. I've also shot some videoclips, awaiting to be edited. But... I've been lazy. I haven't even started on those travel footage taken in January 2014!

Spotted this "Kembara" at the open car park in airport!

I'll try to complete them during my laid back session here. Fingers crossed, and a light kick on my lazy arse!

Update: This blog's video is done. Check it out below!

On Our Way to Jetwing Blue, Sri Lanka

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ten Here Café, Taman Molek

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Big Leap in Recovery!

Tatiana was pretty busy! She went in and out so much! This is usually the first spot she headed.

Ultra sweet moment! All three siblings taking a nap under my car, CLOSELY!

Awww.... Tatiana is chilling by her own. She still hasn't the chance to grows close with the others. Sob.

Morning Sun is Good for Cats

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ocha, Be Strong!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peanut & Lotus Root

I rarely order this type of Chinese tonic soup outside. We came here for our very late dinner after errands. +Kenneth Loke is starting to develop dry cough from his flu. So...

Tonic Soup for the Unwell

Here to purchase the coach ticket from nearby our abode to Pudu Sentral. That was after a few failed attempts to purchase this ticket online! Will find a way around it to purchase online successfully next time. +Kenneth Loke needs to go to KL tomorrow and he is down with flu!

Johor Jaya Bus Terminal