Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sunday Dinner at Jalan Peel's Hawker Stalls

Chee Cheong Fun's fan!
After our car viewing appointment in this neighbourhood, we're here for our super early dinner!

Everywhere +Kenneth Loke goes, if there is a stall selling chee cheong fun, he will order it! Doesn't quite matter if it comes in curry gravy, too.
CCF in Curry
Check out the size of that meat ball! Super big! I remembered me ma used to get this for me in JB. Telling me it is not common to find meatball this size at the marts. She found one near her workplace that time. Happy!
Short but packed stretch of hawker stalls
The most popular stall here is the one selling nasi lemak. When I walked pass other diners, I saw most of their orders look more like Singapore's jian dao jian. Boiled plain rice with various side dishes to select on plate before you flood the plate with curry gravy.
Mixed Pork Parts Soup
I've ordered the Pork Soup & Rice set. RM6.50 for mine. All the pork parts are very well cleaned and cooked. The salted vegetables are washed too clean? It lost all its acidity. The soup is just plain salty, porky, unlike those found in JB.

When I highlighted this lack of acidity in the pork soup, my sweetheart told me he has noticed KL market (diners) has very low tolerance for hints of acid in most food. Unless it is a sour dish to begin with - e.g., asam laksa, etc.
Pork Soup & Rice Stall
We've parked our car opposite the street - AEON BIG. More cars came in when we were leaving.
Leaving the vicinity.


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