Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hokkaido Scallop, Salmon Roe, Norwegian Shrimp Butter Dip

Seafood dinner tonight, prepared by hubby

The better the produces, the least cooking method you need to apply. When we have some nice, fresh Hokkaido Scallop, we just need to lightly browned it with olive oil and seasoned with premium sea salt.

Pan seared scallop topped with salmon roe

+Kenneth Loke boiled the pak choy before tossing it with rice vinegar seasoned with salt. The salmon roe that comes in a tub was seasoned with mirin for longer fridge-time after opening.

Norwegian Shrimp stew with butter, salt and top with freshly grated wasabi

We've bought some local baguette and the above dish (Norwegian Shrimp stew with butter & salt) is great for the dipping! Though I cannot say much about the baguette. Horrible baker we have here.

Roasted chicken whole leg with shio koji & garlic [LINK]


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