Sunday, February 02, 2014

Chefs Dinner 2014 at Vollmers Restaurang, Malmö

Subtle entrance to Vollmers Restaurang

3rd annual Chefs Dinner event at Vollmers Restaurang. After checking in to our room, +Kenneth Loke changed into his chef attire and headed there. While I settle in the room a little with our luggage and had a cuppa.

Snacks for in-between Time

Had a little staff lunch while the chefs are busy setting up. Didn't take a pic of Kenneth's Asian Staff Meal for them - Chilli Crabs, etc. I ate a little and decided to check out this town on foot.

Walking through the Old Town central

Our lodging is behind that building

Next thing I know, I'm in a shopping street district!

I've decided to take a walk nearby while they are busy with the set-up. 6 hours till the event. I didn't realise I've walked that much, shopping and food in town, before I took a shower back in hotel and headed back to the restaurant. By now, the action is in full spin. Mental!

Of course, there is ALWAYS a few seconds free to take some pics (☆_☆)v

Kenneth & Måns. These two goes way back.
From Singapore's Equinox to Restaurang Jonas,
even a flatmate when they are in Stockholm.
Måns is now the Head Chef at Upperhouse, Götenborg

Met new friends! I like this pair of loverlies ( ^ω^ )(^。^)

Enough of the random photos, below is the video rounding up the event happening in the kitchen, the amazing workflow and team work from chefs of different restaurants!



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