Thursday, June 11, 2015

All The Way from Down South, Happy Duan Wu Jie [端午节]

Steam re-heating before serving.
Without exception, Mama D spent days and nights preparing handmade rice dumplings for the family. Not just ours. Mostly for me ma's siblings and their families.

I wonder how many more years can she does this. Super tedious process is involved. I still remember my toddler, childhood & adult years spent helping out also. Brrrr.... We don't have maid in the household. But I saw photo me ma sent that my younger sis is assisting now.

Aunt Josie and recent years, Aunt Shirley also contributes to this type of annual process for their siblings and their families. Aunt Josie will made CNY biscuits while Aunt Shirley will also make CNY biscuits, on top of her rather frequent bread-making for others during weekends.


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