Saturday, June 06, 2015

Muddy Mess

Took me about an hour to clean these mess each time it rains. Hubby +Kenneth Loke shifted his basil pot to this spot recently.
Next to furkids' chewy pots
Each time it rains, the back-splash was super bad compared to the other two pots. In fact, my furkids' chewy pots don't make a mess at all. 
Not just around the pot!
Did tell my sweetheart to consider the mess it might makes on the balcony. Our balcony has very small drain hole not well situated. Worse, it has no water hose nearby. I have to wet mop the balcony daily, running several times between the bathroom and there.
The loose black soil and mud is also under our outdoor mini shed.

Hand wiping clean under the shed, on my knees. Faint.

 When I lifted the fake grass carpet, the mess was worse than I thought! Thick mud+soil sticking to to the groove. Hand scrubbing hard-hard!

By the way, if I use pails of water to splash the balcony floor, it will be a bigger mess (spread). The drain hole is really not very well built.
Slight modification to Hubby's basil pot.
Testing the soil for him. The basil and wood sorrel died in this pot. So, I'm going to plant some of my furkids' chewy plant in it. If they don't strive either, then me Hubby should really consider professional help in gardening. Teehee.

My two furkids' chewy pots are planted and given to me by my ma. Wink. I have NO green fingers since young.

Temporary reinforced the basil pot from back-splash incident.
Relocating the basil pot with less sun and direct rain fall. Let's see how it goes!


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