Friday, October 07, 2016

In The Mood for Grill(ed Meat)

Meat is grilled by serving crews for us ( ✧Д✧) YES!!
Jang Won is one of the first few Korean eateries in Johor Bahru. When we returned to this town, and tasted a few new Korean eateries which failed rather badly in taste:price, I've finally brought my hubby to this one.

It is still good and well-priced after so many years! We are actually not a big fan of Korean food. I've only like the kimchi stew and binbimbap from Korea's cuisine. It's not that easy to find an outlet in Malaysia which has a nice, universal - yes, Korean's cuisine has 1 universal taste of strong fermented soy bean & hot pepper fume - mother-sauce/paste they used in all their food.

Steamed Egg

Well, you can find the nicest universal taste here in Jang Won. Meat and seafood for grilling are straightforward. Nothing too fancy or wannabe.

The staple multiple side dishes

The multiple side dishes are not too shabby, unlike most, which made us feels like we've been fed table scraps from a very bad home-cooker.

By the way, I've also ordered a dolsat binbimbap here. Finally found one in Malaysia that doesn't makes me feel like I'm eating dog food made from table scraps! It's good, big and doesn't come with a snobbish price tag.

You'll get the whole set of their staple side dishes and a bowl of boiled plain rice for ANY ala carte order as well. I hope they don't throw the rice away. I never once touched it and it is quite an overkill for our tummies. The rice comes in a bowl with lid on.


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