Saturday, December 03, 2016

Truffes d'asperges au Beurre, Potato with Grilled Raclette & Pickled Onion/Gerkhin

+Kenneth Loke drizzling the melted butter onto our boiled asparagus

We both had a long day and night.

K: Catching an early flight in Jakarta to Singapore after a busy Norwegian Seafood night, waking up at almost dawn to catch a taxi to the airport to avoid the ridiculous traffic congestion and that long wait in the airport for the actual boarding. Short grocery shopping in Singapore's airport. Slow, traffic congested drive home for almost 4 hours.

B: Morning house cleaning, feed furkids, cooked & ate brunch. 2.5 hours traffic congested drive to airport. 40mins wait at the airport (flight delayed). Short grocery shopping in airport.

Found a bunch of nice asparagus for under SGD3.40!

We were both rather tired and decided to just have instant noodle when home after a quick shower. He still need tomorrow morning for 13 hours.

Boiled asparagus drizzle with unsalted butter, sea salt slices of winter truffle in brine

After a refreshing shower, feeling a little less tired, my hubby decided to prepare the asparagus we've just bought for our home dinner tonight instead. Whilst I sort the laundry & crunching some accounting numbers.

Fresh tomatoes & lettuce salad

The preparation (dinner) is pretty much straightforward. No complex cooking technique required.

Raclette with boiled potatoes in salt water

Boiled the peeled potato chunks in salt water. Bake raclette slices on pan before serving it with the boiled potatoes and pickled onions/gherkin. Very nice.

Store bought pickled onions & gherkin


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