Sunday, January 08, 2017

1st Week of 2017 with Furkids

I'm a mothmew!

First week into a brand new year 2017 with all our furkids safe & happy ♪♬((d⌒ω⌒b))♬♪ Here are a series of photos taken on Nexus 6P, and a bonus video clip of Purin's REM, also taken on moby.

Kohi is getting fatter and fluffier since he moved permanently indoor. It was also during that time when he was suffering from another liver failing attack. During that time, we had to postponed his relocation with us. I'd stayed back to nurse him well enough to finally made the relocation up North with Purin and him.

Kohi is the only boy and the biggest in this household. He is also the only one who has the most health-related issues. Good thing is, he is also the sweetest and easier to handle during those time. Pilling him is a breeze, on top of many other complicated recovery process. His weight has been maintained at 6.3kg top. We (vet and I) are targeting 5.5kg as the fittest weight for him, or at least get his tummy trims down. Despite his huge stature, this boy usually squeak like a squeaky toy! When he does cry, he cries the loudest with that big lungs of his! He cries when we bring him out for the car ride or during shower, of course.


Purin is still chatty. She will even answers you when she's fast asleep! She is warming up with her Papa Bear and me very well! She doesn't snaps that often anymore. Still not able to grab her jaw/mouth without her trying to snaps, though. We will continue to try because since birth, she was lucky enough to not fell sick and having to pill. Now that she is a permanent indoor cat, we will take this opportunity to train her. In case she falls sick in the future, we are able to pill and nurse her well.

Purin loves to greet us, multiple times in a day, by her skill-less slalom between our legs while we walk or sit. She gives generous amount of head bumps, too! Many times, I was caught choking by her strong head bumping into my ribs when I sat on the floor with her. Since Papa Bear is much taller, when he sat on the floor, he will not get jabs into the rib by her. Instead, every night when Papa Bear returns from work, Purin will cuddles his smelly feet whilst Papa Bear sat on the floor! Yes, she still loves smelly feet, be it worn socks or shoes/slippers. The more aromatic it is, the more high she gets whilst cuddling it! Eeeewww ヽ(>_<ヽ)

Sleep Yoga
Ocha is still the smallest and slimmest in this household! She's quite a picky eater. Not much of the type but the amount and speed she eats. We've called her the Fine Diner now. She doesn't eats kibble that is being placed in the bowl for too long, unless I forced her. She gives up eating the moment she is interrupted - Kohi came staring at her after finishing his own food, or when we move some big object near her, or someone walks (loudly) passed our corridor.

Once a while, Ocha will comes cuddling with us. Quite rare for me. She prefers Papa Bear. When she does, it will be the most amusing sight! She can rolls, head bumps and bum bumps us in the most agile manner. For that, we've called her Stunt Cat. We are most amused by her talks, too. She doesn't purr or talks easily. When she does talks, she sounds like an impatient human! Almost like barking.

When we first moved her indoor in Kuala Lumpur, she started speaking Cantonese! She will goes, "Amm, Amm", "Mmm Amm" to let us know if she finds it well or not well to her satisfaction. E.g., "Ocha, this food amm mmm amm?" (Ocha, this food right or not right for you?). She will really replies either "Amm" or "Mmm Amm".

Blue Steel Look

Non-chalant Vogue Look

Tatiana is the most well-adjusted indoor cat. After all, she grew up close to me indoor! Still an angel. Knowing us the most. We sometimes suspect Tatiana knows human language! She knows when we are talking about her, even what about her! She is so used to me, she knows every bit about what I want and how I feel! ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ ) She is my soulmate.

She is still acting like the boss cat in this household. Well, at least she tries only. Hey, I have 3 Queens in this household. What do you expect? Teehee. So, she picks on the only Tom in this household, Kohi. Poor boy, he is such a sweet, tolerant soul. I've always warned Tatiana not to push her big brother too far. Kohi is actually very, very strong! Once, many years back, I saw Tatiana flew from one corner of the room to the other corner against the wall from just ONE kick by Kohi. I left them both in my bedroom to grab something in the hall. When I returned, I saw Tatiana cornering Kohi against the wall. Everything happens so fast. Well, at least that put her off bullying for a while.

Tatiana has also started to eases a little more with the others. Most times finding her being tolerant to have 'em very close by without a cat fight or hisses. Sometimes, she will even initiates chase'n'pounce with them.

Overall, we are happy with the dynamic direction this household is heading. Yes, even for us hoomans.


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