Friday, January 20, 2017

Late Night at the Hall with Furkids

Ocha the Me-owl!

Papa Bear is home late from work. 01:xxH late. No wonder I was so sleepy by then.

Time to switch the spoon mode!

After picking Papa Bear up from town, we had some food while watching telly at the hall. It was already their bedtime! Since both of us are not in our bedroom, Kohi is also out in the hall with us at this hour.

Spoon mode #2

Purin and Kohi are very close throughout the day and night. They used to be very close. After moving indoor, they haven't been that close for a while. I guess nothing has changed. They are still very, very close. Especially when I'm a little busy and Kohi is in the mood for snuggle, Purin is always ready for him.


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