Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tatiana Wants her Sun-bed, Tatiana Gets her Sun-bed

T: It's time *ahem*

It's time for Tatiana's turn on the bench. Daily routine. But Ocha is still taking her nap on the bench! Naughty girl pat-pat Ocha's bum to wake her up. When Ocha woke up to look who is patting her bum, Tatiana feigned ignorance!

Well, at least Tatiana is gentle and polite this time.

When Ocha turns away, Tatiana looked at her again. Thinking how much resilience Ocha holds.

Oops! Caught while giving Ocha the excuse-me-will-you-move bum patting! Awkward!

Sweet defeat

I have to carry Ocha up from the bench to another spot. If this goes on, both will end up in a little fight and frustration. But I've made a little blanket-nest for her. She loves it!


Tatiana is also very happy she gets to keep her daily routine checked!


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