Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gepson Fitness High Impact Workout Mat

Out from the box

I will not be putting up the link here to this purchase. It seems like the price is ridiculously higher than I've paid for when I recheck the same stock there (ezbuy) each time.

Search for "Gepson Fitness mat" or similar keyword in the search when you're at their site. I've gotten the set - mat tying bad, net bag, mat - for RM98.10. Shipped under Prime shipping.

It took a very long time for this batch to arrive this time. About 4-5 weeks AFTER it was sent out from China. Also note that the quality is really good for its price AND it is super heavy!

Lunging this around or to the yoga room within my apartment building is a great warm-up for me already! I've chosen a high impact type so my heavier my hubby can also use this for his morning routine.

I love the colour scheme & texture on this one. Definitely doesn't feel nor smells like some cheap foam latex for once. Rather non-porous, actually. Easy to wipe down with lightly moisten cloth after each usage.

Knowing me, I'll definitely be wiping it down each time with isopropyl alcohol (70%). Leave as little chance for mould growth as possible.


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