Saturday, March 11, 2017

Laneige Time-Freeze Sleep Mask & Roller

It's here!

Hubby used to applies Laneige water sleep mask before we started dating. His skin was really supple, white and smooth then! Then again, he used to be younger and working in the cold (kitchen) section has helped keeping his pore tight & clean.

Face Roller (box)

At 41 this year, I'm starting to see sagging at my jawline. I'm at my laziest when it comes to beauty care routine. I'll only apply moisturiser when my skin starts cracking/peeling. Lack of sleep, not a fan of water drinking and now, a caffeine addict. I think it's time to do something about it and adhere it into my daily/nightly routine.

If this doesn't helps much or I gave up this routine, I will just go straight for a more permanent (surgery/facelift) fix.

The face roller comes with illustrated instruction. But you're better off referring it to their Youtube video instruction instead. I've purchased mine from [Lazada]

It's smaller than shown!

The roller is kinda small/short compared to what I (thought) saw in their advertisement. Seems solid and well-built. But after a 3 usages, it started to make some noises when using. Am I not supposed to wash it after each use?! I did wipe dry after washing.

Time-Freeze Sleep Mask 10ml x 6

I've found a deal for the mask in [Lazada] too for this. Gotten this set for RM79 including shipping. Whilst the actual size jar is RM115 for 60ml. Mind you, these two items will be shipped from Korea via Lazada's site. Will takes quite a while to arrive.

Free Gift

Free Gift

The above free gifts were included from the sleeping mask seller.


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