Sunday, March 05, 2017

Shu Xiang Garden, Szechuan Restaurant in Bukit Indah

Pre-meal Snacks

After a few stops to check out some properties for sale in Johor Bahru, we headed over to Bukit Indah to collect my ezbuy parcel and massage session at Kaki Kaki Reflexology before heading over to a nearby restaurant for our super late dinner.

Just like many local Chinese restaurants in Malaysia, we were given pre-meal snacks. It is an option. I usually reject these snacks when I'm not famish. The two dishes given looks pretty interesting, though. Didn't try it since I wasn't famished. They were returned without charges. Do note that these pre-meal snacks given are not free.

Pork Belly

Hubby said the pork belly was overcooked. It wasn't that bad, really. It is just well-cooked. I'll rather it be. It's pork after all! Local, too. Ahem.

Duck & Radish Soup

Hubby loves the soup! It's a little overwhelming for me after a bowl.

Ma Po Tofu

This is one of my favourite Chinese dish. Over here, the pepper and spices have a pleasant aroma. It lacks salt, though. It wasn't really spicy either. Just right enough to taste to actual fragrant of the spices.

Szechuan Noodle

+Kenneth Loke thought it will be his usual dan-dan mian when he ordered this. When it was served, he was pretty disappointed.

Overall, the taste and pricing wasn't too bad. There are more interesting dishes here as well. We will be back again to try those soon.


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