Saturday, April 08, 2017

Dragon-i Dumpling Festival

Festive Promotion

It's that time of that year again, almost. Since we are here for lunch, we shall have it earlier then!

Hungry, hungry!

The range (rice dumpling) offered here is not cheap. Mostly using premium fillings. We've ordered the cheapest (MYR25) since it's the only one which I don't find it weird. We've chosen the pork belly fillings. One order is big enough for two diners. The other choices are too funky for me. My brain will not compute well with non-classic fillings 🤔

Dan-Dan Mien

Always here for this noodle. The best tasting one from their chain of outlets is still the one in Berjaya Times Square.

3 Types of Egg Vegetable dish

Not a pretty sight

The rice dumpling took a while to be served. It doesn't look particularly impressive but the taste is really strong! In a good sense, I mean. We might be here again soon to pack a few more as gifts and own consumption ✌️


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