Sunday, March 11, 2018

Crynx Instant Lifting Spray

Crynx Instant Lifting Spray

OK. This is quite an impulse purchase. I've been having days when my jowls will just decide to submit to the test of time and gravity. I've been to two aesthetic clinics for consultation; eventually signed up for one in the near future's treatment.

There are times when my face looks a-ok. Don't mind the the laughing lines around my eyes, have them since in my early 20s. Didn't worsen thus far. I am 42 year old this year. Laziest person when it comes to skincare routine. Haa! Routine. If plastic surgery, or any surgery of any form, is not that scary and risky, I would have just gone for it. That, over daily/nightly skincare routine.

So, between my first and second anesthetic clinics, I chanced upon this product. Given the flash sale AND a super discount voucher in hand, I've decided to just order this.

Proper tamper sticker still intact

Pretty straightforward and simple instruction. Clean face, close eyes, spray. Wait for it to dry, about a minute, before you apply other stuff on your face which one would usually applies.

It is odourless. Sticky. It feels like I've just gotten some hair spray coated my face. It doesn't feels tighten nor stingy. Acceptable.

I've tried applying it only during the day. But, I've been having my good days without using this. Weird, I know. When I'm unwell and tired, my jowls will droop. Other times, my face is still able to resist those gravity pull!

So, came the day when I woke up from a febrile rest. Time to test this spray! After my morning shower, I sprayed a layer of Crynx, waited a bit, apply my skincare.

Hmm... it DID lift a bit. Fine lines are almost gone near my eyes. Jowls seem to adhere themselves, slightly, back to my jawline. By the way, during my regular skincare, which usually is just one serum oil and I'm done, I did a bit of massage.

Maybe that helps. I'll probably try this spray, follow by a more proper skincare routine, day and night for the next one week to see. Maybe not. Nothing beats going for clinical treatment and/or surgery, and/or good genes and health to achieve the task, realistically speaking.

Does this spray works as advertised?

Most of the paid advertisement you can find online about this has done a live test on younger skins. I did find one which they have tested on a lady in her 60s. I didn't see the difference in the video. Also, I noticed, throughout the tests shown, they sprayed on half the face of the tester. The halve, which they have sprayed, are the good side. The side which already looks tighter that the other halve. Not many people have symmetrical face - Facial Attractiveness: Evolutionary Based Research and Facial Symmetry.

I'll just going to finish using this bottle, if my doctor permits during my post-treatment downtime and follow-ups, and that's it. Since it doesn't cause any negative reaction on my face thus far. Perhaps, I should pass it to my mom, who is in her late 60s, to see if it really works to her liking.


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