Saturday, July 20, 2013

20th July 2013 Kenneth Loke's Bocuse d'Or Malaysia

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The B-Day started at the crack of dawn for +Kenneth Loke and his Commis, Michael See.

I arrived much later in the morning with +Joanne Khow. She has been a precious soul throughout this event for Kenneth and I! Thank you so much, gorgeous! She even has her own Thermomix to lent us! Fu-yoh!

Kenneth is already fully immersed in preparation works when we arrived. Not much words exchanged between us. It was understood. After taking some B-rolls without getting his way, Jo and I went for our morning coffee and breakfast nearby.

Shortly after we're done with breakfast, Jonas called. The judges have arrived. We paid for our food and left. Good timing. So far, so good.

From left: Chef Antoine Rodrigues, Chef Jochen Kern, Chef Jonas Lundgren, Chef Otto Weibel and Chef +Federico michieletto

Once there, I spent some time setting some gadgets and SNS matters up for Jonas and soon, the dishes are ready to roll out.

There were two other teams in this selection round. Kenneth was third in the lineup for presenting his dishes. It was intense! Timing was a little out as their workflow was thrown off by the temperamental oven. More like broken. Each time they attempted to switch it on, circuit breaker will kicks in. A very unfortunate technical issue beyond everyone's control. All is not lost. We had a discussion at the end of the day. Lesson learnt, he will know how to counters such situation in the future. Good.

Congratulations, my love, for winning Bocuse d'Or Malaysia! Remember those wise words given by Chef +Chef Otto Weibel in the video!

Passion, humbleness, willingness and PRACTISE!



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