Tuesday, December 17, 2013

✈ AMS to STO Home

Added on when I checked into my flight gate.

Gearing up for a switch from a warm tropical country to a winter cold one - thin woolen lining leggings, wool socks, cashmere cardigan and the gorgeous silk Jim Thompson's scarf from Mama D. Of course, purchases from airport's DFS is also sorted. Teehee.

All on board! Flight was delayed from SIN-AMS-STO. Full flight ex-SIN. On top of being late to touched down in Singapore, a little more time was spent refueling the fleet! This is the first time I took a KLM fleet. Seats, cabin furnishing and in-flight amenities are minimum, old but decently maintained. The cabin crews are well-trained and pleasant. In-flight food was brilliant compared to other airlines I've taken. Only gripe I had was the super low setting of ventilation in-flight! Both fleets are the same. I fell sick on board! Didn't even need to wait till a day after I touched down.

Loved the food in ex-AMS. Good, local
produces are used & introduced. Artisan.

Nicely decorated for Christmas in AMS airport. Feeling the good vibe despite the rain and gloom outdoor. I will not be having a white Christmas this year, despite going so up north from home country for it.

Accidentally deleted a few photos of the airport and only left with those above. Sigh. Ah well, I am taking the same transit stop going back. No more Christmas decoration then. Boo-hoo!

The rain just has to followed me everyone, innit? From a monsoon season back in my home country to here.

I have three loverlies picking me from T-Centralen! Britt-Marie and Kurt insisted ♥ Ulta sweet! They even drove my hubby back to work at the restaurant! Faint.

...hubby left me for work with this ultra-sweet gift. Omnomnom ~chuu!!


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