Monday, December 16, 2013

Breakfast, Lunch & Last Minute Shopping with Friends

It is the last free day - before packing and catching my flight out - for me to meet up with these two darlings and grab some last minute purchases for Stockholm trip.

The morning started with a brief breakfast in the 'hood with +Jojo Yap and Dar-kun.

Strike a pose!

Dropped by a pharmacy nearby to grab some essentials before heading home.

Later noon, Mama D dropped me at Holiday Plaza to grabs some charging cables for my devices. +Joanne Khow came a little while later. Off we went to +Pelangi Plaza for her errand!

Saw this being used by Hwee Lo
the night before. Couldn't resist. Buy!
Unfortunately, it failed to charge my iPad.
Tested at the vendor's, since it only indicates
a light-up, actual charging wasn't known till
I actually used it to charge at home. Failed.

When JK is done with her errand, we met Ming at the entrance. He introduced us an eatery nearby...

Restoran Lesehan Zona is in the building right opposite Pelangi Plaza's main entrance. JK likes it. I don't. It was plain salty without any fragrance from rempah or meat. The accompanied sambal was common to me. So, it didn't incites any trace of surprise nor fondness for me.

JK dropped me home after that snack. Time to bring down one of my (cabin) luggage. Will start packing after dinner and a nap.

Awwww.... my poor li'angel is worried now. Mama is leaving. She knows now. PWNed the bag straight. Heartbroken. I am so dependent on her. I wish all my furkids can just have a passport like human and travel with me. Sigh.


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