Thursday, January 16, 2014

Japanese Curry & Resolution

The View from Kitchen

Another Thursday night for カレーライス Japanese Curry Dinner! It is kind of fun to look forward on Thursday being a Curry Night. I've jokingly mentioned seeing some Japanese families dedicate certain night weekly for their favourite dish. Let's make EVERY Thursday a カレーライス night! While we are at it, I'll also make every Saturday a ハンバーグ Hambagu night!


Kidding. It was fun for a while and we know people like us, that won't last. After finishing the final serving in the (curry) box, we are done for now.

After a couple of weeks passed from the last serving, hubby started to crave for it. Teehee. We didn't kick start the cycle again. He needs time to steer away for a quick purchase just to get the curry. Ah well...


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