Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinner Date at Flying Elk, Stockholm

All prepped to meet my hubby in town for dinner!

I was looking forward to dine here since I've heard my hubby's visits with others last spring. We didn't make any reservation because I was fine with the bar seating. Less crowd, more casual, menu is more or less similar with the dining table seatings.

An interesting collection on board to offer. +Kenneth Loke tried one of it. I didn't. I went for a glass of mocktail.

I like the layouts and setup of this outlet. It has its distinctive theme despite the bits and pieces assembled from various sources. The overall feel between the dining table area and bar are comfortably made different with no sight of discordance.

The centerpiece on the wall where the distinctive (long) bar dining table is placed. Almost menacing but is easily disperse with a dose of (dark) humour.

We've ordered each a different entrée and pleasantly pleased with them. But everything went downhill after that course. Super disappointed by our main courses and the dessert was no salvation. The price ratio taste value for all these, fell far back beyond what we had in Iceland thereafter; another dinner date which I will blog about it later.

Hubby took a few burst shots of me busy tidying my bag before meal. One of my O.C.D which I'm not ashamed of. Teehee.

My main course - fish and chips - were three times OVER-cooked, not just cooked three times as indicated in the menu. It reeks of rancid, smelly oil. My hubby stopped me after seeing how 3-5 mouthfuls have caused me such pain to eat. He is such a dear. I was known to starve than to eat awful food since I was a toddler. Forcing causes me bad gastric after meal, too. At which I've later learnt, that most cats are also like that! Teehee. Knowing and accepting this annoying part of me is the biggest plus for me to marry him!

The dessert - sticky toffee pudding - was boring. The pudding has a faint taste and texture like the Chinese steamed rice flour cake. Those we usually offered for praying and have during festive seasons.





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