Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stockholm ✈️ Iceland

After some last minute researching, we've decided to take a break in Iceland instead of Kiruna this winter. Given a limited off days, we cannot go far or long this time. The price difference between going to Iceland or Kiruna wasn't much. With just a little more, we are able to get more - nature activities, etc - in Iceland! Sweden is really more expensive! Which was further proven when we started spending in Iceland.

Pretty snowy on the noon of our flight out from Stockholm!

Sleep? Sounds like a good idea! In the next few days and nights, sleeps will be the most precious on this trip! Our agendas and outdoor activities are jam-packed! Too vast! Too many beautiful nature to explores, it doesn't helps when they are set so far apart from each other. That's another story for my later blog(s) as I'm preparing the medias and time for those.

Beautiful Iceland landscape!
Short daylight. Sigh.
Never mind the info-board above him. That wasn't our stops!

The flight was pleasant. We fell asleep almost immediately! +Kenneth Loke came home from work almost 03:00! Just a short snooze after some homework - yes, he still has unfinished work to be done - and packing before we need to be up for our flights out!

The airport is not big but clean, tidy and fully functioned! **If you have seen my hometown's airport, you will understood the importance of a fully functional airport winning over the importance of its size!



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