Sunday, January 19, 2014

Apartment K, Reykjavík

Waiting for receptionist to arrive
Registering for Check-In

It was quite a drive from the airport to where we will be staying in Iceland. Reykjavík, central, where the Old Town is. Everything a tourist needs are within walking distance.

We need to check in from this building. Waited more than 30 minutes for the receptionist to arrive after he was called. I've jokingly told my hubby, "Of all you know, he could be coming from within this building, upstairs." Sure enough, he was! Damn. All this waiting for him to comes down 2-3 flight of stairs to us!

Apartment K has chains of apartments to let out within this area. At later point, I realised we were given one of the lesser choice. Prices are equal, qualities varied. The wall is rotting raw. The bed light is not working. The shower glass partition is cracked. When you take a shower, water will also flows out to flood the bedroom. The heaters lining along the apartment wall are not all in working condition. I'm fine with that because it wasn't that cold compared to Sweden during the stays. The couch is giving way at its edge, slump forward if you're not seated upright. The center piece table is missing a glass top - seen this model in IKEA before - so, it was challenging to place anything on it without falling through those gaps.

I've learnt about being given the short change when I spotted those apartments within the same building having a more furnished set-up. Just our luck, I guess. Too short a stay to make a fuss. We will be back in Iceland for longer stays to explore more, and further when the daylight is a little longer. Then, we will be renting a car and not staying in one spot throughout the visit. Have checked the condition and I'm comfortable (and confident) to drive there.




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