Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Chromecast 2

It's here!
After one week of calling and waiting, I finally had to re-order this from Lazada when the courier confirmed they have lost the item. The item was wrongly sent to Penang; thereafter, "missing" when it returns to JB HUB. Good thing I have ordered this on C.O.D term.

I immediately contacted Lazada about it so they can go claim it off NinjaVan. At which, they (Lazada) requested me to re-order the item and gave me the same discount voucher I've received earlier to be used for the first purchase.

Alas, when it was time for me to do the re-order, the promotion of 1 year free iflix subscription bundle is gone. What's left was the 2 month Spotify bundle; deemed useless for me at this point.
2nd attempt to re-order arrived
This time round, I called NinjaVan on THE day (morning) their tracking system stated "Delivery Pending on 9th August 2016". I've asked if they are sending it TODAY because I won't be waiting for a week like the last order which ended with it being lost in transition.

I've insisted to know if my item is out for delivery from their JB warehouse today. If not, I won't be waiting around; after the last experience with them. Miraculously, they called back in under 20 minutes to confirmed my item is out for delivery today.
Simple boxing. Straight forward like its set-up. I've tried several method and apps on different devices -  Android phones & Chromebook - varying from app-dependent casting and screen casting (mirroring) method. Only once did it glitch up. Works well throughout and a whole lot easier, and less hiccups, than the first Chromecast.
Straightforward Set-Up


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