Sunday, August 21, 2016

Teriyaki Lettuce Burger (Airfryer)

Clearing the fridge (◔◡◔✿)

Going to use my latest kitchen favourite for a quick whip of a dinner tonight. Sprinkle the burger patty with some salt and black pepper. Spray some cooking oil on both sides. Place patties in steak cage and hit Grill, set at 6 minutes cook-time, Roller is on automatically in this mode.

After 4 minutes, place some fresh enoki mushroom (pre-coated with cooking oil) on top of the patties, close lid, continue cooking.

Stop Roller mode. 1 slice of cheddar on each patty. Hit Bake and set at 2 minutes cook-time, Roller off.

Done! Fresh lettuce leaves on top and bottom. Pour some teriyaki sauce on it. Dilute a little if you're using store bought teriyaki sauce. If homemade, keep the consistency a little runny.

Salt boiled vegetable mix, a dollop of mayonnaise and fresh cut tomatoes for the side.

Note: I've used a store bought burger patties. The cooking time is shorter than my usual made from scratch.


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