Friday, August 19, 2016

Turbo Air Fryer - Riino

Tatiana: More yummy for us?
I've finally decided to get one. Still won't settle on just the classic airfryer the likes of Philips/Mayer. I was still not convinced by the cost worthy of its usage (for me) and most importantly, a space in my kitchen.

Wow, Purin!
I've found something, almost similar, which can replace my small desktop oven toaster, and more! I use oven a lot for my cooking. I hate the smell of food grease in the apartment. Unless you're going to launder the curtains and steam washing the sofa/pillow/carpet/mattress each time you stir-frying and goes a little heavy on the cooking, it's best to try use the oven for those tasks.

Heck, I even make tonkatsu in oven. Best bits, since my oven toaster is portable, I just bring it to the yard aka laundry area to do my cooking.

Off Riino goes and...
in, Tatiana went. Cats!
Menu is pretty straightforward. It came with tones of accessories. The main pot is thinly coated with Teflon. Material used itself is super thin, too.

Storm Trooper inspired?
If this works well in more ways I can use in my usual oven, I might invest a little more in getting the other brand, Buffalo, next. It comes with a sturdy, thick stainless steel pot.

This is like the newer, smaller, easier to clean convection oven my mom bought a decade plus ago. That pieces cost a bomb last time. Cleaning and storage are such a challenge then.

Straightforward Menu and Controller

Thin steel pot & thinly coated with Teflon

Always, always, remember to unlock to close the lid!

Check out the promotional video in YouTube


  1. That's good. It's a latest Model air fryer. But now i am using old model. Now i want to take latest model air fryer. Have you another model?

    1. No. I'll go for combi oven next. It is affordable and comes in countertop-friendly size these days.