Saturday, August 20, 2016

Take-Away: Meidi-ya (Liang Court)

The HOME Spread
After my little shopping at the Mall while hubby is attending a meeting nearby, we went to have our late lunch at my favourite ramen outlet in Singapore.

Happy (me) to be fed!
After a good, hearty lunch, we took a walk to our other favourite in Singapore - Meidi-ya Liang Court. The usual grocery shopping spree begins!

On top of some household items and groceries, we bought some ready to eat as well. These will be our dinner at home tonight.

My all-time favourite - Mekajiki (目梶木)

The selection set chosen by my hubby. He added a dollop of his favourite uni/Japanese Sea Urchin. Bought a box of it. Drool.

 Quick Homemade Dishes

Airfryer: Grilled Potato & Spring Onions

Potato Chunks Salad

Airfryer: Grilled Aubergine & Spring Onions


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