Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Cats are TV Addicts

Accidental Discovery
I was searching for video related to cats in YouTube. Stumbled upon "movies for cats" instead. Turned it on and voilà! The girls are so into it!

The following days till now, the most addicted to it is Tatiana! I have to screamed and carried her pretty bum away from the TV several times. Too near, too bad for 'em beautiful, sensitive eyes. Even when the TV is not showing cat-related shows, Tatiana is still interested.

Ocha watching Maru the famous Youtube Cat

Even when I turned it off, the girls were hopeful. Waiting for more interesting shows.

Tatiana watching baby tiger on telly

Now she's watching an adult lion roaring!

Nothing beats bird-watching for 'em girls

Waiting anxiously for the bird to return for food.


They are unsure if those are a bunch of bushy long-tailed cats. They haven't seen a squirrel before.

Tatiana is not interested with other cat. But Purin is always ready to meet others (cats)

Tatiana choosing her Catit 2.0 toys
Few nights ago, I was checking out the Catit 2.0 series on Youtube. Tatiana got so excited about it. She literally chooses the things she wanted me to buy! I've just ordered the new massage center, super circuit and grass garden refill kit yesterday. Might add more in the near future.


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