Monday, August 29, 2016

BKT, Sambal Shrimp Brinjal

BKT home dinner, Sambal Shrimp Brinjal side
Unsure what's the combination used for tonight's bak kut teh (肉骨茶) made by hubby. We have 1 sachet left from the old pack - Claypot BKT Klang - and he bought a new pack from another brand/type. 1 pack has 2 sachets. 1 sachet is usually enough for my cooking when I use the Claypot BKT Klang type.

For some reason, my hubby decided to use 1 sachet from the old pack and picked out a herb from one of the sachet in the new pack for this combination.

Unsure if this is the first time he's making BKT at home. But, the general approach and ingredients he has used this time wasn't too optimal. The BKT tasted like a nice, clear and light Cantonese soup. The meat is not at all tender and bland. He went a little overboard with the boiling bit.

Note: He's trying out the new portable induction cooker. Gotten it so we can do heavy cooking at the yard area without fuming the whole apartment.

My hubby has been boiling the meat for a minimum of 4 hours. He didn't add any usual seasoning apart from the prepacked sachet. I wasn't watching how he actually boiled the meat. It turns out tough and bland, whilst the soup is good enough to drink but too bland to accompanied with the usual bowl of boiled rice.

Sambal Shrimp Brinjal
+Kenneth Loke also bought a jar of sambal fried shrimp. Of course, he pan-fried this dish before he started with the BKT at the yard. After all, we only have one portable induction cooker. This dish emits heavy fume, so outdoor cooking is a must in this household!

As for the BKT, usually, I won't cook it outdoor or find the need so. I am able to achieve this dish under 2 hours, emitting the least herbal fume indoor. But hubby has it done for long hours, while the AC is turned on in our apartment. So, no-no for me.


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