Friday, September 23, 2016

First Night in Tokyo, 五代目 (Nodaiwa) Unagi Dinner

Hungry Hubby at our first dinner venue in TYO
The morning through the late night prior to our 05:50H flight the following day in Singapore has been quite a challenge;
  • early morning Skype meeting,
  • rushed packing to bring our furkids to boarder - even forgotten to prepared their carriers properly lined with newspapers and kitchen paper towel,
  • Kohi peed in the carrier before we can reach the car park,
  • envelope prepared for home-airport-home transport payment went missing,
  • no rest for me prior to the journey from home at 02:00H - that's a breakdown of 3 hours sleep prior to 23 hours of tasks + staying awake before flight,
  • envelope for home-airport-home transport payment went missing,
  • smelly aircraft + full fleet + fitful rest
Another rush and confusion when we arrived at Narita Airport with a tired mind and bodies. Finally gotten our Pasmo card and an almost 1 hour of waiting for our train to town. Train journey plus waiting = 2 hours plus.

It doesn't helps we've arrived in a rainy weather. By evening, my hubby is already feeling unwell. Sigh.

Nodaiwa - Unagi specialist
Decided to eat near our lodging. Hubby was not keen to have unagi at first, thinking it is such a common meal found back home. I've managed to convinced him to try at least once to have this meal from its origin (country). He even said, "I thought you dislike unagi?". Me, "...that's outside of Japan. Trust me, try it here."

Seagrass in vinegar and unagi jelly
Sashimi that comes with my set
The highlight! Nothing beats a nicely done and well selected unagi on top of a warm boiled rice
Unagi liver soup
If you're already a fan of unagi outside of Japan, do try this dish from Nodaiwa when you're here!

Auto-mechanism of ours to just walk into a mart when we spotted one
Interesting building, unsure of its business nature, found along our longer stroll back

Nice apartment!
Bakery - CLOSED
Found a few, sporadically, F&B outlets amidst these tightly packed residential & offices district. So quaint.

Cocktail Bar
Unexpectedly found ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»this interesting outlet very, very near our lodging! Might pop by some night(s).
The address off this hidden nest
Nice looking house behind our lodging
A short row of landed residential. All looks so well-built and designed.

Back to our lodging
Unloading our groceries
Time to hit the sack early! Poor hubby is having a runny nose already.


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