Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunny Girl, Ocha

Ocha loves her daily sun-baking session.
3 of my girl cats love their sun-baking session daily. They will find the sunniest spots in the apartment to stretch out in the late noon.

The only one who dislikes too much sun or heat is the ONLY boy in the household, Kohi. We always joked that he, "怕黑", literally translated "Scared Black" (●´∀`●)ブハハハ!. Or afraid to be tanned. By the way, he's a tuxedo cat.

Keeping the face in shade?
She loves to roll!
She's our little rollie-pollie <3
Ocha: Wanna join me, Mama?
Self-sayang herself
Rolling and rolling
See ya when you're done, sweet!


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