Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fake iRing


This is the 3rd fake "iRing" I've bought, out of convenience, at various places in town. My first was an original bought online. But it was spoilt by the phone case I've used on it.

3 fake iRing thereafter, which spoilt so darn easily within 2 months, I've decided to get the original again. It's not worth the saving. Not much of a saving when each (fake) cost about MYR10-15, whilst the original (now) only cost MYR48+7 (shipping).

After 2 weeks of usage

Those fake iRing ALWAYS came loose after a few turns! The stand will just go limp, deeming it utterly useless as a phone stand ಠ╭╮ಥ You're able to get the original from 11th Street, stating one that's original, of course. Also, in shops listed from the website.


  1. how u remove the fake iring? it sticks so hard to my phone... I lifted the iring 1/4 but saw the sticky glue still below sticking

    1. If you've stick it on a phone case, try heating the ring with hairdryer. Then use a thin spatula to slowly pry it from one of the corner. If you're sticking it on the phone directly, I doubt it will be safe to do this (heating) method.

      If using spatula from corner onward leaves some glue residue, use some cooking/olive oil to rub it out and clean it off with tissue.