Tuesday, August 02, 2016

GDEX Not Delivering At All

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Unfortunately, GDex fucked up my towel delivery. Refusing to confirm delivery to me when I found out from MySale that they (GDex) are the 3rd party handler when my item arrived in Malaysia. I went ahead to track my item within GDex website and found out my towel's status - Refuse Acceptance / No Such Person. Are you surprised? I've received no written notification, no calls or whatsoever from GDex about this. Calls after calls, personnel from Johor Bahru's branch pushed the blame to their HQ and vice versa. Neither party can give me confirmation they will send it out to me. For days, and several calls per day, they kept repeating what I've already known, my item is in their JB HUB with that Refuse Acceptance / No Such Person status. The same status I saw online their tracking system. What they refused to do is telling me they will arrange delivery to me by the given address.

If I haven't asked MySale the name of this 3rd Party Handler, I wouldn't be able to find out the actual status. Quantium, the courier from oversea, tracking system ends when it is passed to another handler upon arrival (Malaysia). Status remained for days.

Since GDex is unwilling to deliver my parcel each time I asked for its status, I've decided to just tell them I'm coming over to their JB Hub to collect. That was, because I've asked the ultimate question, "Is my item lost/stolen? I need to report to the Sender on this." The lady at the other end of the line was caught off guard and perhaps by slip of tongue, she said my item is really in JB Hub and swiftly gave me the address when asked. I immediately told her, I'm coming over to collect before I report back to my Sender. I've told her earlier my Sender is running an investigation on this matter along with its courier agent, Quantium for tribunal claim we're filing.

For the first time, they called back! Asking, "Miss, you're coming to collect?"

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