Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chirashi, Fika, Croquette

A lunch date with my hubby in town to his favourite Japanese food bar. He was craving for its 散らし chirashi!

Beer to go.... and a warm bowl of misoshiru 味噌汁 each.

First time eating 散らし with chopstick off a flat plate...CHALLENGING!

Time to hit the outdoor! Time to shop for today is the final sales day in town!

First stop, Clas Ohlson! My favourite. Thereafter, it was a rush. Rushing to scout for things in our list BEFORE the shops closed! Man, shopping is no fun when you're rushing. Not much of an option when the operating time is so short either.

Made a final stop nearby this coffee outlet. My final attempt to search for a good lightning charging cable and SDHC card without paying too much more than my usual purchases online. Nope. NIL. KIV one but not tonight.

+Kenneth Loke did manage to find an earphone and mic he likes at Clas Ohlson, though. Woot!

Yummy, warm caramel coffee. Power up!...and now we are craving for Japanese croquette.

Shops closed. Time for home. Off we went for a quick purchases in the grocer nearby before home.

Crave for croquette, make croquette. This is hubby's first attempt. It was goooooood!




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