Thursday, March 22, 2018

Acer Aspire S4

It hasn't been too long since I've touched a Windows device; workplace for basic task like emailing. But, it has been a decade plus since I actually owned one! Actually, it wasn't even really mine. It was my hubby's netbook which I will use when we travel. At that time, I was using the early Macbook. Kinda heavy, bulky and not travel-friendly. Our Android phones were also in its infancy stage whilst Ultrabook, tablet and Chromebook are non-existent.

We have been using Android and Chromebook since. I still have that old Macbook, still able to boot up but has not been able to upgrade for years now. I've gave up my first and last iPad Mini, too. Too slow to even boot up to just watch some low resolution Youtube video on it; compared to my phones and other Chromebooks owned now.

Then came 360-degree 4K video camera at affordable pricing. It's time to invest in a device which will allows me to edit the videos taken.

Basic hardware power is needed. After a month of research, pricing ratio to hardware, including the ease of local warranty, I've decided to get the latest Windows AIO offered. Also, having a good discount voucher code in hand is a good drive.

Goodness me! This AIO (all in one) is about the same weight as my hubby's new 13" Chromebook! Screen and sound are decent. Of course, I didn't purchase this just to edit video which I won't take on a daily basis. It is also strategically placed where I can watch some streaming video pre-bedtime IN bed!

Also, I don't need to borrow my friend's Windows to update my other gadgets' firmware now! Most time, I even forgo updating the firmware as long as my gadgets are working OK.

But recent 10 months, I have found the need to borrow a friend's Windows a lot more often. Mostly to test or rectify certain firmware update issue caused by OTA on my newer gadgets. Anyhoo, so here it is, my brand new step(back) to Windows.

Has it been any less intimating? Nope. I still dread looking at the spinning blue circle, constant marathon updates, roundabout search for hidden files/registries...ah yes, the same old, dreadful shortcomings of using a Windows.

Maybe, I just need a little more time on it to learn it has improved a hell load since I last dabble with it. Maybe.


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