Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dr Cermin, Century Garden

Dr Cermin, Century Garden's branch

Stalling off the small pressure crack on our car's windshield for almost a year before it finally expanded. So, it's time!

Locating any of the branch is easy. Dr Cermin has many outlets here in JB. Since our car is not the common model found around, the chance of getting it replaced swiftly (stock availability) is higher here. I was right!

First, the call to the branch I've chosen. Making sure they will do the insurance claims for me. Next, drop by to have it examined. The in-charge called their HQ for stock. Date set for stock delivery and after a brief discussion - extra tinting cost and time required for the whole works - the date is set.

All tinted before my arrival. By the way, that's the other client's car in the photo.

If you're going to have the tinting done as well, it is better to confirm with them before your installation date. No time wasted when you're here to do the installation straight then.

All done and ready to leave after an hour plus! Keep out of water/rain for the next 48 hours to ensure sealant is secured.

Dr Cermin will ensured no-leakage for 3 months, while the tinting is 2 years from air bubbles or other damages.

For claiming insurance on the works, you can bring along the original documents. They have the copier there. You can also email them these documents like me!


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