Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kappabashi Hondori & Ginza

GPS: 35.714, 139.79
You know you're in Kappabashi when you see the kappa!

We were late to this area yesterday for knives shopping. Or generally, kitchenware/tools shopping.

Today, we've made Asakusa (train station) our first stop of the day and took a sightseeing walk towards our chosen shops ユニオン・コマース [Union Commerce] and Tsubaya World [LINK] ╰(▔∀▔)╯These two shops are opposite each other.

Let the stroll begins \(≧▽≦)/

GPS: 35.713, 139.792

As usual, we took all the quiet alleys to see what's hidden. There's a number of fugu [河豚 \ Japanese Pufferfish] specialist here! It's not ready for operation yet. Dinner only?

I think I'm in the way of the AC man's work (─‿‿─)

GPS: 35.714, 139.791

I think we both (o-_-o) need more coffee.

There's an artisan farmer shop and hats boutique here! Interesting, enough.

Hats Boutique!

Looking at this patch and ( =ω=)..nyaa thinking of my  furkids back home!

Oh, I miss my furkids! I'm surrounded by so many things I know they will love to eat/play with!

GPS: 35.714, 139.79

We're nearing our chosen knives shops. What a nice little (break) surprise when this tiny bakery truck pulls up. Almost immediately, the surrounding shopkeepers came out to buy some bread! Lucky! We had some, too, as we continue our walks toward the knife shops.

GPS: 35.714, 139.79

The first Union Commerce we stopped by before the main branch (same row, a few shops away) doesn't carries the type we were looking for.

The shop assistant followed us to the main outlet;

GPS: 35.715, 139.789

It definitely looks a whole lot more stocked. Overwhelming and the shopkeepers here look a whole lot more serious! I've decided to stepped out and wait for my hubby to scout through first.

After checking the type and pricing from both shops [opposite each other] and discussed with me, he has decided to get one from Tsubaya World instead.

After we're done with the knives shopping, we started walking back to the train station. This time using the main road.

Just after the Union Commerce shop, towards the train station, there are a lot of kitchenware shops!

料理道具・調理器具の専門店 飯田

K: Golden chopsticks for my wife!

+Kenneth Loke was pretty enthusiastic to shows me what he found in the shop while I was waiting outdoor. He thought the golden chopsticks suit me to bits |ʘ‿ʘ)╯

Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple

Right opposite these kitchenware shops is another temple! Interesting street lamps(?). We've bought 2 good and cheap ramekins the size I've been looking for.

Time to go to Ginza to get my suitcase! When we arrived, we walked in one of those in-between alleys again to see what interesting shops are around. Came across a row of eateries and unlike my hubby, I do pause to read food boards quite often. Especially in Japan. Where most shops are hidden within a building that can be far more interesting than those visible ones.

麹蔵 銀座店 [LINK]

Lucky! I have planned to eat katsuo for this trip. The only place (country) you can have it fresh! Out of this country, you can only get bonito flakes. Teehee. How lucky it is for me to paused and read the food board! For such good price, too!

I've initially planned to eat at a Kochi cuisine outlet in Tokyo. Which was a little out of way and rather expensive. Thank goodness I've found one in Ginza which is serving Okinawa's cuisine. And.... they have katsuo set lunch for such great price!

I went in (downstairs) straight and asked if they are still serving the lunch set menu. It's almost 17:00H after all. YES!

Bar Seats

Hubby's chosen set

After a satisfying meal, time for some intense shopping at the Tokyu Hands nearby - Marronnier Gate - followed by a small (artisan) grocery store visits, late night dinner at MOS Café, a little stroll at the happening train station then it's time for home.


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