Thursday, October 13, 2016

Steel Cart - Lazada

Assembled & Readied

I was quite disappointed when I finally received this item. Seller's (item) photos are seriously for illustration purposes ONLY;  at which the seller didn't indicate so. No warranty as well - LINK - as being a little higher than other seller (11th Street) from another local website. Sigh.

Low quality screws, unlike the one shown in seller's page

Pretty much all the soldered joints on the frame are blacken.  Even some parts near the joints are blacken and not able to polish off at this point. Sigh.


It's definitely not fully stainless steel as stated. Most parts are thinly coated. Soldered parts are badly bent and blacken. Even the parts near where the soldering was done. Casters are given with the ability to lock.


Straightforward, almost. Once you get the screws and bars secured, the frame is up. Don't expect perfection or near perfection when the frame is up. Because of the type of screws given, you won't get the bars in a perfect line-up as expected, nor will it be needed to fully screwed in as gaps between screw and hole is expected. The hardest for me is getting the steel plates on the bars. It takes quite a force to snap it down on both sides. I almost gave up, thinking it was not meant to be!


It looks clean and neat, actually. The casters given are a plus. Don't expect it to looks straight and aligned.


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