Thursday, November 03, 2016

Our Kind of Nightcaps

Watching my K-drama ~ W

It's finally my hubby's off day! We've spent so much time running our errands, house chores and a tad of paktoh time exploring a fresh market we've been wanting to go for a while.

After we dropped our groceries home, off he went out again to visit his parents till late night. Phew...!

But my sweetie managed to return home not too late so we can share my packed dinner together. While spending couch potatoes time on a new K-drama ~ W I've just picked up. He's more into it than me!

Japanese Light Cheese Cake from Verbena Bakery

For our nightcaps, while watching telly, we have a slice of cheese cake bought earlier this noon. It was all right. We've also bought an English Scone and a Potato Sandwich. Ate those earlier. The taste is ok but the technique is kinda slacked.

We've also received a super cute cat collar this noon. Trying it on out furkids. So loud! And super adorable.


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