Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ibiyaya Cat Carrier

I am always more excited about their new gadgets/toys than 'em furkids 😛 But lately, they seems eager and excited, too, when a parcel arrived.

They will crowd around the box/parcel when I first placed it on the floor. They will join the unboxing and assembling as well! When their items are fully setup, they will check it out or mark it.

I do love this new carrier. Took me almost 3 years to decide and have a good reason to get it. Prior to ezbuy, other local sellers are selling it too high for me to comfortably get it.

The assembling part is not without a little struggle. It is easy to understand which piece connects to which but the zipping parts are kinda rigid. The weight is good to sling over my shoulder when my fattest cat is in it. Kohi is able to fit in comfortably. He's the biggest of them all.

I am now very comfortable to get more product from Ibiyaya.


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