Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Khind Dish Dryer


Love it! Simple and clean design. Light enough to move it elsewhere when  I need more room on the table top. Low pricing from Lazada and it comes with one year local warranty. The size is just right for us. I'd only this or Panasonic, in this range to choose from.

I've decided on Khind instead because of the price. I'll still get the almost similar design and size as Panasonic. As well as a one year local warranty. Our cleaning routine now is better. No need to pause our washing to dry the dishes, to make way for more dishes to wash on the limited space there. Also, it's cleaner and more sterile than cloth-drying or air-drying for sure.

Minimal timer on board is 10 minutes, limited only to natural temperature. Don't bother with this setting. Unless you want remove the freshly dried hot dishes immediately, this setting can cool it down a little.

The minimal timer for hot drying is 25 minutes. If you have less dishes, you can stop the drying process before that too.

As for the electric consumption, unsure right now if it has made much impact to my monthly till the next billing month. I'm currently using it twice a day, on 25 minutes hot setting. Will update the consumption (electricity) in my next billing time.


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