Sunday, March 18, 2018

Split Gill Mushroom

Split Gill Mushroom - first try
+Kenneth Loke spotted this for the first time at Jaya Grocer @ Citrine today. Decided to buy a bag to try. Pan roasted with garlic and butter, toss in with baby spinach & cherry tomatoes.

The mushroom tasted woody and dry in this recipe. We decided to just finish the baby spinach and tomatoes in this bowl, and left the mushroom out.

Hubby didn't give up. He decided to try another method of cooking using the leftover mushroom in this bowl.

First, he trimmed the stem away from these mushroom. Slow boil with water, mirin, bonito flakes, cooking sake, shoyu, rice vinegar & sugar. Pretty much all the Japanese common Japanese condiments I have in my cabinet.

Boil some bulgur wheat, set aside. Diced some tomato & cucumber. Toss everything together, including the water that was used to boil the mushroom.

Spicy Sour Vegetable Soup

Bought a pack of ready to eat spicy sour vegetable soup at Jaya Grocer, too. Not too bad. More of me hubby's taste, a tad too sour for my liking.

This brownie was what I've asked for dinner tonight whilst we were at the market. Hubby decided to add on the spicy soup and mushroom salad for me, too. Buuuuuurp!


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