Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My 3 Li'Girls

Ocha asking for her morning cuddles!

It has been pretty constant now. Daily request to be cuddled by Ocha after I'm done with cleaning works. Sweet, sweet girl!

Purin giving Neato an earful!
Purin was rudely woken up by Neato (our home robotic vacuum cleaner) again this morning! This little girl just can't seems to learn the daily routine! Then again, THIS is her daily routine now, to give Neato the hiss every morning whilst its running.

Setting aside purchases for Joey's cats

Tatiana is just being her usual self, occupying new things in the house with her scent-sibility. Wait a minute! I think she found the cat toy I'm giving it to Circle+Maomao!


Two more Kojima's soft toys are on their way to our house, Tatiana! Those will be for us!

Spying Eyes
Sometimes, I felt like I've being watched.


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