Saturday, March 24, 2018

Baseus Magnetic Desk Stand for Phone

Ordered this together with another Baseus magnet holder for car's AC vent. This one came a week later, despite being shipped out at the same time from China via Lazada. Once in Malaysia, both were handled by different courier. So, damn you, Skynet 🐢

There is a few sellers offering the same item at different pricing, of course. This model came in 3 colours - silver, black and red. I've chosen silver. Easily blend into our furnishing as well as not annoyingly obvious when there's dust or fur on it 😽

This is quite a versatile and sturdily built tool! I do like the Baseus collection since I've gotten it's first magnetic phone ring stand via ezBuy. The base is adhered with a reusable sticker pad, which I've tried, is quite challenging to remove once I stick it on the table. A bit of prying using my kitchen's spatula, I've managed to pop it up again. Still sticky!

Instruction mentioned it is reusable when you rinse the sticky pad on the base once it lost its stickiness. Looking at the quality compared to the reusable sticker I've seen on a genuine iRing, I am going to reserved my doubt on it for now.


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