Monday, December 23, 2013

Home Care and Chinese Winter Solstice

Meal time or not, we always have something to watch!
Hubby's version of Japanese Hambagu
Grilled salmon like I wished. Instead of
the usual mackerel back in Japan.

The night before, hubby came home early from work with severe food poisoning. Nursed him with a bowl of hot, light porridge - used the Hokkaido dried scallops I brought. Next morning, I woke up with fever ache, headache and gastric. +Kenneth Loke made me late lunch while I rested out my sickness today. Hur, hur.

Those mini pickled cucumber looks
like cat's penis. Kekeke (≧∇≦)

A few hours later, we heated up the sandwiches we've brought home the night before. Good enough for me who wasn't up to eating much or heavy at this condition. Stomach was still churning from digesting difficulty.

Rolling mini balls of glutinous rice!

By night, he made 汤圆 「Tangyuan」 after I reminded him of the event. The purple ones are made from infusing the berries jam we have in refrigerator.

I've tried to make him to not make the glutinous rice balls too big or too much. It is a tradition to eat the amount according to your age! Gasp! Choke-a-tangyuan! We cheated. We ate less than our ages (number). It was his first try of making it. The glutinous rice tasted weird for me. I wonder if we've missed a step or two at making it.

Oh, the noon before this, we were out for some quick shopping in our neighbourhood's mall. I was admiring those pretty Christmas floral pots from a florist. Hubby kept asking if I want a pot. I smiled and left, thinking we don't need to spend for something like that. I can be quite a Scrooge if given the choice to spend. Teehee.

The following day, when he came home from a quick grocery buying nearby, he came home with a Christmas Floral pot I've been admiring the day before! What a sweet surprise! He knows me well ~chuu!

The flower blooms in just days! Gorgeous!



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