Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Shopping in Stockholm

Heading towards Christmas
in Gamla Stan

We were pretty late by the time we left home for shopping. Good thing it was a festive period where shops will extend their operating hours longer than usual. First stop, my first Scandinavian Christmas Market! We have decided to give Skansen's Christmas Market a missed. It is further and from its online information, we wouldn't be getting the full market on weekdays.

That's why we've decided to drop by the nearest one - Gamla Stan - before (early) dinner. I was rather disappointed. It was small with very little interesting vendors on duty. Ah well, good thing it is nearby. Still have plenty of time to shop in malls for our last minute Christmas' gift exchange! We did drop by several shops within Gamla Stan. Quite all right. The pricing, as usual, tourist standard. Found one interesting shop, though. It is like an otaku shop. Found a small collection of Doctor Who's merchandises. Am pleased.

After a quick shopping session, we dropped by a barber for +hubby's much needed haircut! When he was done, I jokingly said, "Wooo, now I see my husband. You've been hiding behind by all those hair all these while."

Bar Lunch after Haircut

The wind was picking up. Even though we were walking in town, surrounded by tall buildings, I was nearly bowled over by a few strong gust by surprise! It doesn't helped when the cold, winter rain being speared onto my face like an acupuncturist went wild.

I was super relieved when we entered the warm, dry bar for food, recommended by my hubby. He was here before. Passed!


Sweet♥ ordered ribs for me!
He's giving the ex-pig a halo! Morbid σ(^_^;)
Pull-Pork Fritter Balls. Delightful.


Dark Green Leggings on Sales!
Sweet♥ insisted! So sweet of him
to get me a new one ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Found the missing colour in my collection (^。^)

Home Supper

Fresh salmon slices with a generous
throws of wild rockets mixed salad



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