Monday, August 01, 2016

Soto Ayam, Chamek Kopitiam at Danga Bay

Soto Ayam [takeaway: Chamek Kopitiam]
Found my favourite dish being sold close by. It's pretty good albeit the price is a little higher than normal stalls in Johor Bahru.

I usually pack to go, since my apartment is just closed by. The (packing) vessels used are quite large, actually.
Takeaway for Soto Ayam
What I like about the soto here is the chicken used. Pretty random, actually. The first time I had it, they gave me fried garlic rempack chicken. Today, I was given the fried kunyit chicken that went pretty well, too, with the soto broth.

I guess the chicken used will be based on what's conveniently available at their kitchen when orders for soto are called. Teehee.

Since it is closed to dinner time soon, I've also packed something for my hubby.
Nasi Goreng, Goreng Ayam Sambal
Hubby said nice! Sadly, the operation hours here is kinda short here. It's not often the timing is right for our schedule to pack/dine-in here.


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