Monday, January 16, 2017

Airpak Johor Bahru

Airpak Skudai

Good luck receiving your parcels in Johor Bahru! No calls, no delivery. When sender finally contacted them, all sorts of excuses arise. Insisted the receiver (me) to call them.

That was also after they first had my parcel in Taman Austin, saying they will contact me again for delivery arrangement. Which, they did not follow-up and send my parcel to Skudai branch without informing.

No call thereafter. Until my sender contacted them. They said they have SMS me. NOPE. LIED.

The most ridiculous is saying my area is a private property that no one can gets near. What?! You've tried sending it to the palace? Follow by;

- "... my rider cannot deliver because he doesn't has access card to your apartment."
-- "Of course he doesn't has it! Tell me which condominium/apartment your riders have access card to in JB..."

Of course, all prior conversations with Airpak between me & sender are a pack of lies. Shot down easily after I finally get to call the Skudai branch.

After a few more ridiculous excuses, they finally said, "Can I deliver to you tomorrow?"

Trust obviously broken. I'm going there to collect! Took a peek at some of the parcels strewn at the entrance. Many dated weeks/months ago. Champion!


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